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As I sat in my office on the 21st floor overlooking the tall ships in the harbor, it occurred to me that I would rather be working on one of those boats than picking stocks for a living. Within six months, I took a leave of absence from my sixteen-year career in the finance industry and worked as a galley cook on The Pride of Baltimore for the summer season. My life hasn't been the same since.

Shortly after leaving the Pride, I knew I was ready to release my creative energy and start my own business. I loved cooking, and after spending a fair amount of time in France, I thought “Why not crêpes…?" They are delicious, nutritious and you can eat them on the go. I happened upon a perfect location, a tiny space located in the middle of the up-and-coming theater district.

Sofi's Crepes is actually named after my loyal pup of eleven years, Sofi, who suffered severe spinal damage the last two years of her life. Her back legs were paralyzed but that never stopped her as she enthusiastically rolled herself everywhere by way of a cart. She was an inspiration to me and never wavered in her joy, light spirit and playfulness. Sofi's Crepes was named in her honor.

At Sofi’s Crepes, everything is fresh, natural, and mostly homemade. Our choices of sweet and savory crêpes are filled, folded, wrapped and handed to you in one neat package that you can eat on the go or sit at our outside tables and enjoy. Sofi’s Crepes is a tremendous experience for the eyes, nose and especially the taste buds!



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